Silver Palm United Methodist 11-1-09 Silver Palm United Methodist 11-1-09 Discussing horse psychology The crowd sat in the shade. It was a hot day. 57738794 More horse psychology 57738795 57738796 Lyrica gives to pressure. The four phases are explained. 57738797 Backing up. A participant from the audience helps to wiggle the rope. 57738798 Desensitizing to scary ball. 57738799 The plan of salvation. There is a system for training horses to be more useful and God has provided a way for us to live a more full life now and for ever. 57738800 Setting down tha saddle as a symbol. The audience was challenged to make one of three decisions. Take the first ride with Jesus. Get back in the saddle after being absent. Stay in the saddle for a ride to a higher level of commitment. 57738801 It was a blessed day. People responded. We prayed together for God to bless their decisions and to guide them in their future spiritual growth. 57738802 Thank you Jesus! 57738793