Parelli Celebration Lakeland,FL 2009 Parelli Celebration Lakeland,FL 2009 Lyrica del Viento ridden by Sal Landa Lyrica is a Paso Fino gaited horse. 56399990 I felt like I was floating. 56401845 No bit in Lyrica's mouth. I used a hackamore (rawhide 5/8" bosal with mane hair mecated). 56401846 57898783 Pat Parelli congratulates Sal and Lyrica for a good performance Sal is honored to be recognized by world famous horseman Pat Parelli 56399991 59128129 Score of 85 points merited a green (level 3) ribbon The 4lbs pressure zip ties broke when Lyrica tossed her head. This caused a 15 point deduction off the total score. 56399992 59128130