Horse Behavior Modification Programs Horse Behavior Modification Programs Stormy's first assisted mounted bow. 110664020 Client's mare Stormy learning how to bow. 109256226 Building Trust Manolo (Andalusian Stallion) at 2 1/2 years old stallion. 18147181 Gentle Persuasion Starting 2 year old filly 18147182 Total Trust and Submission Results of 1 1/2 hours of colt starting. First ride. 18147467 4 year old Arab that had bucked off the trainer. Riding him and this took two hours. 18147468 Manolo (andalusian stallion) at age three. 18147469 20 year old arab gelging Asa Kavie learns new trick at liberty. 19290082 Vertical Flexion Trurly's Zan Parr (aka Mama) foundation bred QH in hackamore 20714755 Lyrica del Viento (10 year old Paso Fino) bareback and string around neck. 22629379 Lyrica disengaging her hind quarters. 22629380 10 year old appendix, Prospector's Buz (aka Buzzy) vertical flexion in hackamore 22742083 Building confidence in preparation for trailer loading exercise. 69511211 More confidence building. 69511210 Release pressure when desired behavior is displayed. 69511206 69511207 69511205 A partnership is negotiated with Jack picking me as leader 69511209 The trailering problem horse follows me at liberty into the trailer with very happy owner standing by. It took 30 minutes. I took the time it takes to do it right. I kept a relaxed mind and body language 69511208 Effortless trailering with horse and owner empowered with confidence and knowledge. Praise the Lord!!!! 69516008 79133719 79133720 Client's mare Stormy learns to lay down. 109256224 Client's mare Stormy 109256225