Dade County Fair Expo 2011 Dade County Fair Expo 2011 Demonstrating proper position for cinching as per Pat Parelli's instructions. 121405617 Disengaging the hind quarters during bareback ride. 121405618 Porcupine game causes the horse to learn to give to pressure. 121405619 First time this horse steps on the pedestal Causing the horse to step on the pedestal enhances the horse's confidence and promotes communication between the human and the horse. 121405620 121405621 Assisting the horse to accept the pedestal 121405622 121405623 Disensitizing to pressure from above where the rider will be. 121405624 Testing horse's sensitivity to the cinch using a bareback pad. 121405625 Desensitizing to weight on horse's back. 121405626 First mounting after horse's three year lay off 121405627 Horse accepts the rider. 121405628 Circling game. 121405629 Laying the horse down. When mounted this horse was shaking. So, I laid him down for the calming effect it brings. 121405630 He laid down with little resistance. 121405631 He calmed down. 121405632 He snored and let out the tention 121405633 When he stood up his eyes where relaxed and he licked his lips. After this excercise he followed me around willingly without a lead line. 121405616